Turning your brand assets into motion assets is relatively simple, because you can control all the variables. Cinematography is a bit more difficult, because you can't. Unless you're in a dedicated studio, influencing the environment you're working in and using its strengths to your advantage is key.
Make the most of what you can control by defining a cinematography style that complements your other motion assets and reflects the personality of your brand.
Pace, angles, composition, movement - all of these things bring personality to live-action video, and if you can make use of these elements in a way that reflects your brand personality, you'll own any environment you shoot in. Colour grading ties everything together and can be a great way to link a live-action sequence with animation. 
I'm still getting the hang of this myself, and in these clips, I've tried to maintain a consistent look & feel across different shots and conditions. You can check out the full version of both videos below. Thanks to Cuba Gallery and the Flickr community for inspiration on a few of these shots.
All of these videos were shot on a Nikon D600 using purely natural light, and editing and colour grading was done in Premiere Pro CC.