Video still has a real magic about it as a communication medium. It attracts attention, conveys complex information, and cuts through the visual noise like nothing else.

Yet, for many creatives, when creating brands and defining identities, setting the work in motion is scarcely considered. It shouldn't be this way.

I've started the Making Brands Move series to show how movement in a consistent way, with a coherent look, feel, sound, style, and tone across every video produced by and for a brand can amplify its impact.

In short - this is video as motion strategy. First up is a preview of the content I've developed for Whispir, applying their communications technology to real-world industries and disciplines. To see more, head to
Whispir began a rebranding process in late 2016, and I initially applied a similar animation style with the new brand look & feel, which you can see below. It worked reasonably well, but as the brand applications developed, so did the video style. Check out Making Brands Move 3 to see how Whispir's videos look today.